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To Our New Visitors:

Dr. Casanas would like to invite you to step outside of "standard medicine" and learn about his high level wellness medical care.

Before the FREE Consultation, you MUST send in this courtesy assessment functional medicine for (Survey I) and your own advanced health care wish list (Survey II).

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If you are interested in a free consultation on site with Dr. Casanas, you MUST present these surveys to the staff on arrival (but first call 813-792-5730 for an appointment) or you MUST mail in the forms to Dr. Casanas for a free Telephone consultation.

We are so certain that once you visit or speak with Dr. Casanas, you will immediately experience the flavor and depth of the practice of sophisticated medicine and exceptional healing that can be rendered by a unique and talented licensed medical doctor. It will be difficult for you to ever settle again for the standardized protocol / pharmaceutical medical office setting or even the limited depth and breadth of heavily advertised and slickly marketed non-MD "wholistic" medical clinics.

It is time to take back control of your health care and attain optimal function and beauty and comprehensively address serious medical problems or complex old diagnosed conditions with an array of up-to-date pharmaceuticals, as well as environmental, detoxification, and nutraceutical techniques.

It is worth noting in passing that Dr. Casanas is an internist; internal medicine is the most sophisticated diagnostic specialty. It would dwarf the "wholistic approaches" of, for example, a wholistic gynecologist, anethesiologist, or family general doctor promoting "well ness" care.

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