Laser Vein Therapy

Quick and effective for all four extremities and face at very competitive fees and guaranteed results. We combine it with topical nutrients and oral supplements.

Both men and women are troubled by spider veins which are the clusters of small, unattractive blue, red or purple veins that appear on many areas of the body, but most commonly on the leg and face. These small vein clusters form from high pressure in the venous system, forcing the thin walled veins to become engorged with blood and expand, forming what is called spider veins.

Laser vein treatment provides impressive results for spider veins. The treatment is best for smaller veins and will work on virtually all skin tones.

lunasol-logoDuring the treatment, the light of laser is delivered through the skin and into the vein. The heat from the laser makes the vein wall collapse and seal. The vein is then broken down and absorbed by the body. Patients report little to mild discomfort during treatment. It has been described as the snap of a rubber band on the skin. A topical anesthetic is offered to make the patient more comfortable.

The area will be tender and slightly swollen after treatment. This usually lasts only a few days. There is no downtime with the treatments, and depending upon the patient the average session lasts about half an hour. For best results we recommend 1-3 treatments spaced 3-4 months apart.