Cosmetic Medicine & Laser Treatment Consultation

Dr. Casañas firmly believes in practicing individualized, specialty-based integrative all-encompassing high level, age management wellness medicine. Most of our patients are thoroughly assessed as needed by surveys, questioning, physical exam, and sophisticated laboratory testing.

Survey III: To get an idea of your own well-being and temperament (or five element typology) which facilitates arriving at specific methods and pathways towards your optimal health, these surveys may be useful. They also correlate your own personal history with your own laboratory testing (and eventually a physical exam) for certain health conditions or symptoms.

In addition, you may want to take a few minutes more to fill out whichever more specialized survey(s), (Surveys IV-VII) you may think is/are relevant to your health and wellness status.

You MUST mail in these forms PRIOR to your Consultation

Download Assessment Forms Here

Dr. Casañas may also mail you additional information for your own use without any obligation or need to pursue an onsite (office visit) or phone consultation. Please provide us with your personal address and telephone number and/or telephone number and email.

Moreover, until the end of this year (2008), Dr. Casañas will additionally provide one free laser facial rejuvenation treatment or initial hair removal session to all potential patients completing the two general surveys (I and II) and one specialized survey (III-VII).

If you stay in our practice, all subsequent cosmetic procedures will be rendered at a 50% reduction for one whole year. We will provide Botox, fillers, laser treatments (for blemishes, rejuvenation, any zone hair removal, vein removal, etc.).

You would then join the ranks of the fortunate patients currently receiving state of the art “functional beauty, integrative wellness, and age management medicine”. You would appreciate the improvement in your inside or “inner” functions (sophisticated age management internal medicine) along with its resultant “outer” skin manifestations of dysfunction (aesthetic dermatology). Dermatological conditions are mostly the outward appearance of undiagnosed deficiencies, toxicities, and unmanaged aging processes.