Lunasol Institute: Integrated Approach to Wellness

girlThe human body is a symphony of integrated systems that give us the ongoing privilege of everyday life. When they function well, we tend to go about our business without giving the miracle of the body much thought. But if something is out of whack, we may reach a point where even routine activities are suddenly a challenge.

As an Integrative Internist, Dr. Casañas is uniquely qualified and experienced in treating the body as a whole. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, from Western based traditional medical training to Eastern approaches, Dr. Casañas evaluates each patient to determine the best course of treatment. This also often enables him to diagnose and successfully treat many conditions that may have been previously difficult to uncover. Below is a partial list of Treatment Modalities and Diagnostic Tools utilized by Dr. Casañas at the Lunasol Institute at Westchase. Please feel free to talk to any of our friendly and helpful staff for a wealth of information.

Treatment Modalities
Aesthetic Medicine & Rejuvenation
Medical Acupuncture
pain treatment
Weight Loss Management
Hormone Supplementation
Allergy Elimination
Chelation Therapy
Intravenous or Intramuscular Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceutical Therapy
Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide

24-hour Heart Rate MonitorDiagnostic Services
Age Markers: Free Radicals and Inflammation
Amino Acid Levels
Antioxidant and Vitamin Levels
Bone Density Studies
Eardrum Pressure for Chronic Ear Problems and Allergies
Eyeball Pressure (Glaucoma)
Fatty Acid Analysis (Omega –3, 6, and 9)
Food Allergy Assessment
Hearing Acuity
Heavy Metal Urine Testing
Hormone Assays: Saliva, Blood and Urine
Metabolic Assessments
Nerve Condition Testing
Pulmonary Function Testing