Miscellaneous Medical Services

Miscellaneous Medical Services

Environmental Medicine

Dr. Casañas assesses the patient from an occupational hazard and exposure point of view, as well as assessment of possible chemical pollutants at home, the effects of electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones, power stations, etc.

Neural Therapy

Dr. Casañas has been using neural therapy for many years. It is a treatment system for chronic pain using injections of local anesthetics into autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves, scars, glands, and trigger points. It is believed to act through normalizing the function of the nervous system. It consists of the injection of Lidocaine into scar tissue because, as the theory is propounded, scars could interrupt the flow of vital energy such as meridian flow of Chi, some other electrical current, or autonomic regulatory flow. This is a technique that has been used successfully by Dr. Casañas for many years since he is quite adept at using surgical and acupuncture needles.

Amino Acid Therapy

Dr. Casañas uses amino acid assessment for metabolic purposes, as well as brain function assessment for age management purposes. It entails obtaining a blood test which is covered by medical insurance and subsequent judicious oral supplementation which formulation is put together by a compounding pharmacy. Behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder may be managed in this manner.

Stress Management

Dr. Casañas uses techniques that have been accrued through years of training and participating in mindfulness meditation and other types of Eastern practices and has implemented the use of biofeedback and cranial electrical stimulation for stress management purposes.  In addition, he conducts autogenic training or progressive relaxation for his patients.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Assessment and Treatment

Dr. Casañas has extensively trained in environmental medicine which involves the disease process which ensues the overwhelming of the body’s detoxification defense system by toxic chemicals, pesticides, plastics, xenobiotics, etc. Dr. Casañas also successfully uses intravenous formulations of different types depending on the individual patient and exact etiology.

Temperament Elemental Type Assessment

Dr. Casañas uses his college psychology training, as well as his training in Eastern medicine to implement and carry out surveys and other objective data accrual to indicate what temperament a patient has and thus what disease or symptom array to which they may be vulnerable or predisposed. This proves to be an interesting intellectual exercise, as well as a significant therapeutic one.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Casañas has actually taught physicians involved in chronic fatigue syndrome and he leaves no stone unturned in searching for the cause whether it be occult infection, chemical sensitivity, or hormonal imbalance. His expert use of supplements and nutraceuticals (both orally and intravenously) attests to the strength of this program.

Sophisticated Individualized Nutraceutical Recommendations

Dr. Casañas has been involved with nutraceuticals since he was ten years old when he was involved in weight lifting and ever since as a result of postgraduate training, he has accrued considerable information about nutraceuticals, as well as the companies that represent them. The concepts of good manufacturing practices and standardized extracts is very important. Dr. Casañas furthermore individualizes the therapeutic regimens involving natural supplements for each patient according to objective test results either in blood, urine, or saliva. No more “guesswork” in taking supplements.

Advanced Internal Medicine, Health Maintenance and Prevention

Dr. Casañas is a Board Certified Internist and Board Certified in Pain Management, and therefore, aggressive health maintenance and prevention are exercised based on standard of care and current recommendations by different medical societies. This may include the utilization of preemptive measures, as well as aggressive use of nutraceuticals at an “above recommended” dose. Please do not use little pigment machines being hawked by non-medical offices for antioxidant levels.

Cancer Prevention and Management

Dr. Casañas will test for oxidative stress and free radicals in the blood, as well as undergoing an extensive history taking and data gathering concerning a patient’s family and its propensity for disease. Furthermore, temperament typing and knowing the oxidative stress and free radical burden, as well as deficiencies are all important. Hormonal, inflammatory, and autoimmune disregulation can lead to fairly substantial cancer risk exposure. In addition, the use of nutraceuticals as preventive measures may be involved such as selenium and Indole-3-Carbinol.

Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder

This usually stems from a thorough analysis of various elements in the blood, urine, and saliva and often managed with an aggressive amino acid protocol and specific nutraceutical regimen. Patients are always considered for pharmaceutical management as well and if they have been previously well kept on strong pharmaceutical approaches, Dr. Casañas would attempt to taper them judiciously while substituting nutraceuticals that have been proven to be beneficial in those conditions.

Tobacco Cessation

Dr. Casañas uses a wide array of different techniques including ear acupuncture, body acupuncture, and the implementation of a new medication called Chantix, as well as nicotine products by inhalation and insufflation and strong and aggressive nutraceutical support such as the use of Lobelia, a nicotine substitute, as well as the judicious use of natural calmatives that would quell the tobacco craving.

His success rate with this program is approximately 90%. Dr. Casañas has utilized and looked at other approaches and finds that an eclectic approach like everything else involving a withdrawal is probably about the most effective.

Narcotic Withdrawal

Dr. Casañas has been thoroughly trained and cleared by the Drug Enforcement Administration for the use of Suboxone and has weaned patients off successfully who have been on chronic opiate treatment for many years. Dr. Casañas also can use other substances for withdrawal of narcotics, as well as the judicious and skillful use of narcotic medications themselves. Since Dr. Casañas is a pain treatmentspecialist and performs acupuncture, trigger point injections, nerve blocks, and other techniques, the use of opiates is defocused on and pain treatmentis more comprehensive and less dependent on the exclusive use or high-dose use of opiate products.

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