Intravenous Pharmaceuticals

At Lunasol Institute, we employ intravenous Lidocaine and Colchicine for chronic refractory pain patients and neuropathy (“sick nerves”) when not controlled well on just oral medicines and supplements.

We also apply injectable (IM and IV) vitamins and mineral solutions and a wide array ofhomeopathic preparations. We encourage weekly infusions for five or six sessions.

Sometimes intramuscular B vitamins can be given for most pain conditions indefinitely, which can also improve function and energy level and expedite age management.

We can also treat patients with acute migraine headaches with an intravenous infusion ofmagnesium and other preparations. No one leaves our office with a headache!!

Part of our pharmaceutical approach also involves the use of Toradol IM (Ketorolac) for acute settings, as well as strong analgesics like Demerol IM.

Along with pharmaceutical approaches (intramuscular and intravenous), we also can readilyblock nerves, and formulate various transdermal pain control preparations.

All treatment plans may be multi-modal and customized for each patient and each condition.