Medical Acupuncture

The practice of medical acupuncture (as opposed to non-medical or “Oriental doctor” acupuncture) is based on traditional Chinese techniques that have been successfully incorporated into medical health practices in western countries. Therapeutic insertion of needles in various combinations and patterns is the foundation of medical acupuncture. It is based on neuro-anatomical models based on modern scientific research. Acupuncture treatments are based on the encouragement or dampening of the flow of Chi, a subtle vivifying energy that defines the absence of health or the presence of vigorous dynamic energy balance or well-being.

The National Institute of Health has recently recognized the use of acupuncture for various medical purposes and the UCLA style method of acupuncture Dr. Casañas uses is congruent with these recommendations.

Dr. Casañas implements acupuncture for general health purposes, as well as for allergy reduction, treatment of headaches, digestive function, chronic fatigue, depression and general chronic pain treatment. Dr. Casañas has been practicing acupuncture for about 15 years and has successfully applied it for the treatment of conditions in which most medical physicians have encountered failure. For example, it can be used in post-herpetic neuralgia or shingles. It can be used for controlling smoking and alcohol. It can be used for menopausal symptoms, as well as premenstrual problems. It can be used in muscle conditions involving sprains, tendonitis, contractures, spasms, cramps, restless leg syndrome, etc. Dr. Casañas in his experience has used it most frequently on low back pain whether it be from a disc or some other type of neuritis from a metabolic condition, such as diabetes. In fact, he has had astounding results with diabetic nerve pain. He often combines this with injectable multiple vitamins, as well as trigger point injections and other physical modalities (osteopathic manipulation, lase, infrared, etc.).

Medical acupuncture can also be used for general health maintenance and prevention, especially when administered in the context of the patient’s temperament and energy pattern. Besides written questionnaires and surveys to determine one’s energetic patterns, Dr. Casañas also utilizes modern western based diagnostic principles to arrive at a comprehensive and eclectic diagnosis and powerful and effective management plan for each patient.

In addition, Dr. Casañas uses auricular acupuncture, particularly those points related to the placement of temporary ear magnets which is invaluable for managing substance abuse problems and reducing prescription narcotic analgesics. This application has generated considerable supporting research.

In addition, auricular acupuncture (needles or magnets in the ear) can be used for mental and emotional disturbances, as well as a transient aid in early and acute emotional states, such as anxiety, excitability, worry, early stages of depression, and fearful states.

Dr. Casañas combines this particular approach with nutraceuticals including amino acids while searching for other nutrient deficiencies or biochemical idiosyncrasies that may generate an imbalance of neural transmitters (chemicals needed for brain function) which control and determine one’s optimal function.

Research over the last 30 years at McGill University has documented that the use of electrical stimulation with acupuncture generates endorphins which are chemical mediators of mood enhancement and the feeling of general well-being and lead to increasing the threshold for the sensation of pain (makes it more difficult for the body to produce the sensation of pain).

inset-right-colThe points used for weight management are simple to administer, easily tolerated by patients, and are performed once per week by placing a pellet in certain zones of the ear in aseptic technique. Surprisingly, patients that have been successfully treated for obesity and other metabolic problems have found that at the same time other conditions such as nasal congestion, allergies, and headaches have considerably improved after the use of indwelling magnets through ear acupuncture. In addition, for weight management purposes, Dr. Casañas also uses the additional modality of laser activation of acupuncture points to enhance metabolism and decrease appetite.

The use of medical acupuncture in arthritic conditions, particularly of the hands, feet, and limbs in general has been particularly rewarding. Again, we combine approaches for the treatment of arthritis with other techniques such as repleting nutraceuticals and novel approaches, such as the use of intravenous Lidocaine infusions, inhaled Pentosan Sulfate, and numerous other safe herbal combinations such as cetyl myristeolate.

There is no question that the application of acupuncture in the hands of a trained medical physician can be the most effective tool for dealing with all of these conditions and is far superior to acupuncture treatment rendered at the hands of non-medically trained providers. Treatments generally take approximately 20 to 40 minutes and can be implemented in a frequency of once or twice weekly for three to four weeks for acute conditions and perhaps as infrequently as once per month for health maintenance purposes, such as Cetyl Myristeolate.

We encourage those who are interested to fill out our temperament survey for preliminary determination of their energy pattern which should guide their dietary habits, as well as stress management, supplements and herbs which should be consumed according to their specific energy type and not just because the supplement advertising makes it enticing.