Osteopathic Manipulation

This is a technique used to treat acute or chronic pain conditions and involves osteopathic principles based on Dr. Still’s techniques established in 1892. It is an entirely separate healing system from the MD system, but very similar and equivalent to it. It utilizes diagnostic techniques that rely on tissue palpation to discover asymmetries and tension that translate to symptoms and chronic conditions. Dr. Casañas checks for tissue texture, asymmetry, restriction of motion, and tenderness. He checks reflex points which are similar to acupuncture points and more imaginatively perhaps even trigger points. The most common technique used is strain/counterstrain and is tantamount to a vigorous, but very focused type of muscle and soft tissue release.

The paradigm involved here is that a patient who has chronic pain that has held the body in tension for a long time will lead to structural deformities which perpetrate the condition and by addressing the tissue asymmetry and misalignment, then the body assumes its own homeostatic (wellness) tendency. Dr. Casañas implements osteopathic manipulation in conjunction with some or all of the above pain treatmenttechniques.