Dr. Casañas uses medications approved by the FDA both for on-label and off-label uses. For example, an off-label use for Lidocaine (which is used for cardiac rhythm disturbances, as well as for pain treatmentin various oral forms), can be administered intravenously as frequently as once per week with astounding results for patients afflicted with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome and fibromyalgia. Furthermore, intravenous Colchicine for example can be used for the treatment of inoperable chronic painful disc disease conditions, or for those who choose not to undergo surgery.

Dr. Casañas has an unrestricted license to prescribe any pharmaceutical and has always done so judiciously, but always in combination with other modalities. In addition, Dr. Casañas ascertains as far as technically possible the genotype and the biochemical peculiarities of a patient including absorption and detoxification capabilities (which are thoroughly tested throughout the therapeutic relationship), in order to implement the most effective and least harmful approach to any chronic condition, particularly pain. As a simple example, patients within the same family will most likely respond to the same type or brand of antidepressant for treatment of depression. More sophisticatedly, this is what is known as pharmacogenomics. In addition, Dr. Casañas uses intramuscular anti-inflammatories such as Ketorolac, a non-narcotic which is highly effective for any acute pain condition.