Trigger Point Injections

Dr. Casañas has utilized injections of trigger point areas in the body which are produced as a result of chronic pain and are generated by traction lines caused by muscle contracture affecting the nearby connective tissue or fascia between and among muscles. Usually a substance such as Lidocaine combined with a natural supplement such as Sarapin orCalphosan and/or the judicious combination of a pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory, can lead to sometimes excellent and, most of the time, permanent results. Furthermore, other substances can be utilized such as hydrogen peroxide and various combinations ofvitamins.

These trigger point injections can be administered with the use of the same mesotherapy device which is used to deliver fat dissolving substances. In the same manner, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and other vitamin products can be administered by these tiny small needle injections. It normally involves careful identification of these points which are usually found in the same pattern among all human beings with chronic pain and are well described in the medical literature.

The procedure itself is simple and quick, and involves spraying analgesic over the area that one has targeted. The results are quite dramatic and are usually noticed before the patient walks out of the office. Dr. Casañas has excelled primarily in the use of trigger point injections for migraine headaches, muscle tension headaches, sinus headaches, emotional stress headaches, etc. Dr. Casañas has always made the claim that no patient ever walks out of his office in acute pain (without the use of intramuscular narcotics). Furthermore, Dr. Casañas also uses low level laser (cold) treatment for trigger point activation.