Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss & Weight Management, Westchase, Tampa

Dr. Casañas uses a weekly visit weight loss management protocol that entails the use of various elements that can result in a weight loss of as much as 15 to 16 pounds per week (actual patients) and on the average yields about a three to five pound weight loss without much effort. Dr. Casañas bases his long term weight management success on the implementation of the glycemic index scores and teaches his patients to eat differently for the rest of their lives. During their weekly visits, the patients are administered their lipotropic injection, are dispensed the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supply for the week, laser activation occurs, and ear acupuncture points are applied. The points are removed after a week on their return visit. There is ongoing constant and close physician supervision to optimize the results and minimize side effects of the weight loss program. If, according to the individual patient’s assessment there is a need for other intervention besides the basic four step approach, then the patient is consulted and given a tally of all nutraceuticals and protocols for weight management to follow individually on their own.

Patients are thoroughly assessed in our westchase, Tampa, Weight Loss Program as to how to shop for nutraceuticals, what to look for in labels including the concept of “standardized extract”, proprietary blends, active ingredients, etc., etc. In addition, it is the patient’s responsibility to maintain a food diary when the results are suboptimal, as well as a check on their urine ketones in order to attain a level of trace ketonuria (which means that the patient is now burning up fats). Furthermore, the weight loss patient is instructed on the number of calories that are permitted during the day and is instructed on the proper use of snacks.

The patient is given a weight loss manual of approximately 50 pages which contains extremely useful information. Dr. Casañas is an internist and since some tampa weight management patients subjected to metabolic enhancement can be subjected to cardiovascular side effects, interpretation of an EKG or interval assessment is a commonplace situation for him. Dr. Casañas is also quite adept at picking out the unsuitable candidates for this type of weight loss program. There are patients who choose not to do or who are not permitted to pursue certain components of the program and still manage to do well.

Dr. Casañas predicates the cost of this weight loss program on a weekly rate regardless of how many supplements or how many components of the program are implemented or how many times during the week they may need to visit. For instance, some weight loss patients who have a suboptimal loss of weight may need to come in two to three times per week for their lipotropic injections, all at the same cost.

Sometimes weight loss management services can be reimbursed by insurance programs and it depends on the patient’s overall medical condition, as well as the type or plan of insurance.

Weight Loss Program – What we use:


Dr. Casañas uses the whole gamut of pharmaceutical agents being used for the purposes of weight loss. This includes Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Meridia, Xenical, etc. Dr. Casañas has been rendering weight management services for 15 years with an overall success rate of about 90% to 95%.


These are natural supplements that are rendered based on blood test results and general usage. They tend to be safe and serve as adjuvants to the pharmaceuticals used. In addition, they serve to augment the effects of innate hormones that have to do with metabolic rates. For instance, Dr. Casañas uses Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to enhance the effects of metabolic hormones. Dr. Casañas has been personally using nutraceuticals since he was ten years old and has undergone extensive postgraduate training in the use of natural supplements at reputable institutions and under renowned authorities in the field.

Metabolic Enhancers

As an internist, Dr. Casañas is well versed in the importance of control of glycemia and its disregulation being associated with the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance which leads to early coronary disease, hypertension, high triglycerides, etc. Dr. Casañas implements the use of subcutaneously injected Byetta, as well as the use of oral agents such as Metformin in those in whom insulin and other metabolic assessments indicate its use.

Hormonal Balance

It is well known that the elevation of cortisol or an irregularity in general of the hypothalamic pituitary axis can lead to severe weight gain and that obesity itself is an inflammatory state that needs to be quelled by any means available. Therefore, Dr. Casañas aggressively pursues other deficiencies and surpluses that may be found in the realm of sexual hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and growth hormone. The most extreme cases of weight loss can occur in those patients who have either low testosterone or low growth hormone. In addition, it is well known that after a hysterectomy, the deficient production of both estrogen and progesterone can lead to significant weight loss in surgically or naturally postmenopausal women. Once the patient is assessed and repleted at an empirical dose, then they are continuously reassessed for optimal therapeutic levels and minimizing of side effects.

Injection of Lipotropics

A “cocktail” of intramuscular elements is administered on a weekly basis composed of amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine, and other individual agents based on metabolic and temperament determinations. These injections are painless and have absolutely no side effects.

Laser Activation

Points on the skull are targets for low level laser activation during a patient’s visit and they are generally found around the ear, back of the head, and the base of the neck. This is a very low energy (cold) laser and quite distinct from low level laser therapy or cosmetic infrared laser devices.

Auricular Acupuncture

A magnet pellet is placed in specific points in the ear that have to do with metabolism and endorphin release, and lead to appetite suppression and metabolic enhancement. In addition, these points will lead to a general sense of well-being. In fact, one of the points used is called Shen Ming in Chinese which means gate of spirit.

Amino Acid Supplements

All patients are recommended to undergo amino acid analysis to determine what amino acid imbalances may exist that may lead to particular cravings. For instance, people deficient in cortisol will generally crave salty foods whereas people with a sugar imbalance (or in the Chinese energy topology those of an “Earth” nature) will crave sugar. Since amino acids are the precursors of neurotransmitters (chemicals that serve as templates for the manufacture of brain communicating molecules), it is important to assess for those as well. For example, those who excessively crave sugar and starch may be deficient in L-glutamine and that is provided as a supplement. This amino acid in itself will lead to mental stability, calmness, and an alert brain function. Gammamino butyric acid conversely leads to a relaxed or pre-sleep state.

In the Chinese system, the “Wood” type will generally be those individuals who have stiff and tense muscles, feel stressed out, are unable to relax, and crave tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, etc. These can be approached with the use of gamma aminobutyric acid and after proper supplementation, their cravings will decrease and in turn will lead to calmness and relaxation. As a final example, patients who may be somewhat deficient or hypermetabolizers of serotonin and therefore have extreme carbohydrate cravings may benefit from supplementation with hydroxytryptophane which will in turn generate more serotonin, calmness centering, and less craving. These patients can be identified by either clinical assessment or more accurately by amino acid assessment.

Metabolic Energetic Temperament Typing

We implement our Western based traditional medical training and Dr. Casañas’ academic training in psychology, as well as Eastern approaches to energetic typing. We provide the patient with various surveys to assess different types of hormone imbalances, as well as temperament. In this way, we can determine what metabolic type they are and what supplements can be used with greatest efficacy. As indicated, certain amino acids may be helpful. On the other hand, certain patients may have a normal thyroid function, but could be helped with the use of metabolic enhancers such as Forskolin or Ashwagandha. Dr. Casañas generally types patients into different types of neurotransmitter brain types and Chinese energy types, as well as other so-called somatic typologies. This is an important assessment and has wide ramifications in the overall treatment of the patient not only for weight management, but also for health maintenance and age management as well.