Allergy Elimination

Dr. Casañas thoroughly evaluates all patients with nondescript symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, chronic nasal congestion, indigestion, bloatedness, dizziness, rapid photo-aging of the skin, dyspigmentation of the skin, decreased mental function, decreased memory, etc. Often the patient is found to have either an IgE or an IgG allergic condition to a very common substance and a very commonly consumed nutrient or additive in their diet.

Diagnosing Food Allergy and Testing

Although inhaled allergy-producing substances are known to cause an immediate effect and express themselves in the respiratory system, food allergies may indeed be quite subtle and insidious and not manifest until days after consuming the substance. In addition, there seems to be a paradoxical counterintuitive effect insofar as patients feel somewhat better after consuming the substance to which they are allergic and true withdrawal symptoms (or worsening of allergy itself) do not begin to occur until several days after being taken off the offending substance.

Normally once Dr. Casañas discovers what “food groups” some of these allergies may reside in, with or without further testing, an allergy elimination diet is followed or a rotation diet is executed. In the latter, one food item is deleted at a time, an observation period of three weeks ensues, and an objective list of signs and symptoms is kept by both the physician and patient to more accurately assess the results of such elimination. In another approach, a fairly bland, theoretically non-allergy provoking diet is pursued, items are added one at a time, and again symptoms are observed over a one or two week period.

Considerable GI dysfunction can also arise as a result of food allergies and sometimes these can also be managed with pharmaceuticals such as Gastrocrom or other nutraceuticals. An inflammation of the GI system can lead to a state of dysbiosis and the overgrowth of certain microbes such as Candida and other non-friendly organisms. In addition, the presence of candidiasis in the GI tract can lead to further immune dysregulation. Attention to the use of probiotics and supplementation with Lactobacillus on a regular basis attends to proper detoxification and addresses some of the consequences of IgG food allergy problems.