Dr. Casañas is a multi-talented physician, spanning various disciplines, and, therefore, his detoxification efforts reflect different protocols including the use of intravenous chelation and the use of intravenous vitamins and minerals, as well as a fairly successful detoxification plan encompassing both phase I and phase II of liver related detoxification processes.

Dr. Casañas implements a seven day detoxification program that encompasses a two day water fast along with very specific timing of implementation of protein shakes, supplements, shower hydrotherapy, saunas, etc. In addition, Dr. Casañas implements acupuncture protocols, as well as careful use of Chinese herbal mixtures. Detoxification programs of an aggressive nature are performed after careful assessment of all parameters and are undergone by individuals that are capable of executing them through, without potential side effects.

The relevance of detoxification stems from the fact that we are constantly exposed to xenobiotics (substances that do not belong in our bodies and are synthetic) and the liver has to keep up with this constant onslaught while maintaining proper housekeeping functions. Improper detoxification leads to immune system problems, particularly autoimmune dysfunction, as well as an increase in oxidative stress, accumulation of free radical burden (which can be measured in the urine and serum), and acceleration of atherosclerosis insofar as oxidized cholesterol can more easily be deposited on the arterial walls.

inset-right-colThe chronic state of inflammation that ensues also makes it more possible for more rapid and earlier plaque formation. As an example, studies have indicated that fat cells contain high doses of toxic chemicals such as styrene (styrofan), xylene (paints, gasoline), benzene (found in gasoline), etc. In addition, fat cells can also secrete inflammatory mediators such as leptim. Toxic trace metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and antimony are involved in many of the disabling diseases of the United States. These are easily measured in a 24 hour urine collection.

One of the first assessments that we perform on any hypertensive patient is a measurement of 24-hour urine for mercury, lead and cortisol, as well as creatinine clearance to check kidney function and in order to assess for some reversible conditions.

Oral supplementation with sulfur based compounds may aid the liver in its excretion process, as well as the daily use of about 1,000 mg. of N-acetyl cysteine for general purposes. Other supplements that have received a lot of press recently require the methyl groups for “packaging” of toxins and these are substances such as SAMe and the amino acid methionine. Methylation also requires the nutrients choline, vitamin B-12, and folic acid.

Dr. Casañas always individualizes any therapeutic approach. For example, assessing a middle-aged female who smokes cigarettes may automatically involve the concept that smoking up-regulates certain breakdown enzymes that have to do with eliminating estrogen. As a consequence, it has indeed noted that serum estradiol levels are lower in women who smoke and such women may tend to have more intense or earlier menopausal symptoms for this life-style related reason.